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Vision for Intelligent Cities

Intelligent City Solutions

  • City Safety
  • Intelligent Park

City Safety

To better build safe and intelligent cities, YITU makes use of its intelligent operation and management technologies at hundred-million scale in complicated contexts to solve actual public security problems, proposes city-level public security solutions covering multiple scenarios, and integrates data values into safe cities, citizen livelihood, commercial applications and other industrial scenarios.

Intelligent Park

YITU integrates globally advanced AI technologies with the park ecological and business chains,continuously pushing boundaries and providing products that cater to different business scenarios. This optimizes client value chains, enhances operation efficiency and improves user experience. We expect our leading global AI technologies to help build smart cities.

Access control solution
  • While security is guaranteed, we make identity verification for access control simpler and easier, creating a comfortable experience that requires less time. Our solutions also work in combination with other identification techniques to improve security and supplement security strategies.
Active management solution
  • Responses within milliseconds ensure park administrators are informed of safety hazards in real time, leading to improved regional security, higher accuracy in handling events, and reduced labor costs.
Operation analysis solution
  • Adopting a multi-dimensional data analysis engine with 'people as the axis', and providing several modules that add operational value helps the user to better understand and analyze a park's situation and appropriately adjust operation strategies and improve business values.

Industry Applications

Establishing benchmarks in multiple fields by exploring more synergies between AI technologies and industries and scenarios

YITU assisted Xiamen to build a Smart City

In August of 2019, at the First China Artificial Intelligence Competition conference, YITU and Xiamen City entered into a strategic collaboration which involves YITU deeply in the top-level design and building of Xiamen's intelligent city .


YITU Empowered Digital China Summit and Assisted Fuzhou to become an Intelligent City

In April 2018, the first Digital China Summit was successfully held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. As a leading AI start-up, YITU took care of this national level summit’s smart and safe operations. It constructs an intelligent city model based on AI technologies which can provide intelligent services for all walks of life including transportation, accommodations, park entry, and shopping, that infuse major tasks of everyday life with AI technologies, providing an example for future digital city.


YITU works with Shanghai Information Investment Inc. to enhance smart city service capabilities

In November 2018, YITU signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Information Investment. The strategic cooperation will see the two parties leverage both YITU's technical strength in computer vision and big data and Shanghai Information Investment's experience, data resources in information infrastructure and functional urban platforms, to further enhance the services of both companies in the field of smart city development. The cooperation will also promote the complete linkage of the ecosystems of the two parties, which will serve the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and the Yangtze River Economy.


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