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YITU Website Privacy Policy


Shanghai Yitu Technology Co., Ltd. ("YITU") and affiliates (e.g. Hangzhou Yitu Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd) fully respect your right of privacy. This "YITU Website Privacy Policy" ("Policy") is drafted in accordance with applicable national laws, regulations, and rules to protect the Internet information security, the interests of citizens, legal entities, and other organizations. This Policy applies to all products and services offered on YITU's official website ( and other products using this privacy policy, including YITU Speech, Business Consulting on the website, and Join Us webpage. If a product has a separate privacy policy, then the separate privacy policy shall prevail and the product has no privacy policy shall be governed by this Policy.

When you use our website, we may collect and use your personal information. The purpose of this Policy is for us to explain how we collect, use, disclose, protect, retain and share such information when you use our services, as well as how you may access, update, control, and protect your information. YITU may update or amend this Policy at any time in light of its information processing requirements. Please make sure you have read, understood, and agreed to this Policy and its supplementary policies before submitting any personal information.

This Policy will help you understand the following:

  1. How we collect and use your personal information
  2. How we use cookies and other similar technologies
  3. How we share, transfer, and publicly disclose your personal information
  4. How we store your personal information
  5. How we protect your personal information
  6. Your rights to your personal information
  7. Updates to Privacy Policy 
  8. How to contact us


1. How We Collect and Use Your Personal Information

1.1 Your personal information will only be collected and used in the following ways as stated in this Policy:

(1) Information you provide when applying for YITU's business partner
If you wish to apply to become a YITU's business partner, the following information must be submitted via YITU's website: Your name, phone number, email address, company name, company location, the business industry your company engaged in. We will use the above information to contact you by phone to confirm whether your company is willing to become a partner of Yitu, and we will email you details about becoming a business partner.

(2) Information you provide when leaving a message
If you have any questions about YITU's business, the following information must be submitted on YITU's website: Your name, phone number, company name, company location, your message to us. We will use the above information to contact you by phone to reply to your message. 

(3) Information you provide when inquiring cooperation business
If you wish to cooperate with YITU, the following information must be submitted via YITU's website: Company name, your name, email address, phone number, your question. We will use the above information to contact you by phone or email to reply to your question. 

(4) Information you provide when registering the speech developer platform 
If you wish to register our speech developer platform, the following information must be submitted on YITU's website: Your name, phone number, company name. We will use the above information to communicate with you about using our products and open an account for you to use.
In order to offer better services to you and control product risk, you should complete the identity authentication before using services of developer platform. During the identity authentication, the following information must be submitted: Your name, phone number, company name and ID card information
We will use the above information to confirm your identity.

(5) Customer service and dispute settlement
When you contact us or submit in-sales, after-sales disputes settlement application, you should provide necessary personal information to verify your identity in order to protect the security of your account and system.
In order to contact you and help you solve the problem as soon as possible and record the solutions and results of relevant problems, we may store records of your communication/call with us and relevant content (including account information, order information, other information you provide to prove relevant facts, contact information). If you have inquiries, complaints, or suggestions regarding specific orders, we will use your account information and order information.
Due to the reasonable need of providing services and improving service quality, we may also use your other information, including relevant information you provide when you contact customer service.

1.2 If you are a minor (under the age of 18)
Our products, websites, and services primarily target adults interested in YITU's products and businesses. The website does not attempt to collect any personal information of minors. If the guardian discovers that we have collected a minor's personal information without your permission, please contact us, so that we could delete such information as soon as possible.

2. How We Use Cookies and Other Similar Technologies

To ensure the website's normal operating, a small data file known as a cookie will be stored on your computer or mobile device. The Cookie typically contains identifiers and site names, along with numbers and characters. A cookie's main function is to facilitate your use of website products and services. It also helps the website calculate the number of unique visitors. Using Cookies, we can provide you with more thoughtful and personalized services, and allow you to modify your own service.

Cookies are sent to your device when you are browsing YITU's website. We will not use Cookies for any purposes other than those stated in this Policy. Cookies can be managed or deleted, based on your preferences. Please refer to for further details. You can clear all cookies saved on your computer, and most web browsers are able to block cookies. However, if you wish to proceed, you will need to re-configure any personalized settings every time you visit our website, and such features may prevent you from being able to log in or make use of cookie-dependent services or functions.

3. How We Share, Transfer, and Disclose Your Information

3.1 YITU will not share your information with any company, organization, or individual outside of YITU’s affiliates, except for the following circumstances:

(1) sharing with your consent: YITU will share your personal information with third parties after obtaining your explicit consent. 

(2) sharing with authorized partners: YITU may share some of your information with our partners in order to achieve the committed purpose of personal information in this policy. Current authorized partners include the following types:

  • Courier service provider: due to Chinese express and delivery regulation, YITU must share your information (your name, contact address, phone number) with logistics service providers in order to arrange the delivery of gifts to you (if any), or arrange partners to provide the service.
  • Infrastructure cloud service: YITU uses public cloud service as the service resource support, and your personal information will be stored on and processed by using public cloud service.

Your information will only be processed for specific, clear, and lawful purposes, and only the necessary information for providing such services will be shared. Furthermore, YITU will also sign strict confidentiality agreements with such partners requiring them to process information according to YITU's instructions, this Privacy Policy, and any other applicable confidentiality and security measures.

(3) sharing is required by law: YITU may share your information with other parties as required under laws and regulations, by litigation and dispute resolution request, or as required by an administration or law enforcement agency. 

3.2 YITU will not transfer your information to any company, organization, or individual, except for the following circumstances:

(1) transferring with explicit consent: After obtaining your acknowledgment and consent, YITU will transfer your personal information to other parties;

(2) in circumstances involving mergers, acquisitions, or bankruptcy liquidation, YITU will require any new companies or organizations that holding your personal information to be bound by this Policy, if the transferring personal information is necessary. Otherwise, the company or organization will be required to re-request your consent.

3.3 We will only disclose your personal information to the public in the following circumstances:

(1) disclosing to third parties with your consent on the premise of taking security measures in compliance with laws and industry standards;

(2) disclosing to third parties, administrations, or law enforcement agencies pursuant to applicable laws or regulations or under the order of administration or law enforcement agency; However, if complied with the law, YITU warrants that it will require the requesting party to issue legal files.

3.4 Exceptions of requiring prior consent before sharing, transfer, and public disclosure of personal information

In the following circumstances, sharing, transferring, and publicly disclosing your personal information does not require your prior consent:

(1) national security or national defense;

(2) public safety, public health, or vital public interests;

(3) judicial or administrative law enforcement, such as criminal investigation, prosecution, trial or execution of judgments;

(4) protecting vital legitimate interests of you or other individuals, such as the right of life, property, and reputation, while it’s difficult to obtain the consent;

(5) when the personal information is disclosed to the public by yourself;

(6) when the personal information is collected from legally and publicly disclosed information, such as legitimate news reports, government information disclosure, etc.

Please note, according to applicable laws, if we take technical measures and other necessary measures to process personal information, which the data recipient cannot re-identify and recover a specific individual, such sharing, transfer or public disclosure does not require additional notice to you or your consent.

4. How We Retain Your Personal Information

4.1 YITU will act in accordance with laws or regulations and store personal data collected or produced in the People’s Republic of China and does not transmit it across jurisdictions.

4.2 YITU will only retain your personal information for the necessary time period to achieve a specific purpose or for the time limited by laws or regulations. When your personal information exceeds the retention period, we will delete your personal information or make it anonymous according to the requirements of applicable laws. However, the retention period may be changed in order to comply with legal requirements in the following circumstances:

(1) to comply with any applicable law; 

(2) to comply with the court judgment, ruling, or other legal proceedings; 

(3) to comply with the requirements of government agency or organization authorized by law; 

(4) when there is a reason to believe that a change in the information retention period is necessary to comply with applicable law;

(5) for any necessary purposes, such as the implementation of related service agreements or this Policy, the safeguarding of the public interest, and the protection of the personal and property safety or other legal rights and interests of our clients, YITU or YITU's affiliate companies, other users, or YITU's employees.

When closing products or services, YITU will promptly stop collecting your personal information. We will notify you of the closing of operation in the form of one-by-one mail or public announcement and delete the personal information you stored in YITU.

5. How We Protect Your Personal Information

5.1 YITU will make best efforts to adopt appropriate technical measures to ensure the security of your personal information.

(1) YITU attaches great importance to information security. YITU takes security protection measures that satisfy the Internet industry standard to protect your information against unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification, damage, or loss. YITU will undertake all reasonable and feasible actions to protect your personal information security. YITU has obtained ISO/IEC 27001 certification in terms of information security.

(2) YITU adopted security measures (e.g. backing up data to other servers and encrypting user passwords) to ensure that your personal information will not be leaked and avoid forgery and tampering.

5.2 In the unfortunate scenario that our physical, technical, or management protection measures are damaged, YITU will promptly initiate contingency plans to prevent security incidents from expanding and will report to the national competent authority in accordance with requirements of laws and regulations and inform you in time. The report includes the basic information and possible impact of the security incident, the actions taken or to be taken by YITU in response to the security incident, recommendations for personal risk prevention and mitigation, and any remedial actions to you. YITU will notify you of such incidents via mail, letter, and telephone. If it is infeasible to notify each individual user, YITU will issue a public notice in a reasonable and effective manner.

6. Your Rights to Manage Your Personal Information

6.1 Access and download your personal information

You can access, edit and download the profile information in your account, change your password, add security information or close your account by visiting or calling customer service. For contact details of customer service, please refer to Chapter 8 How to Contact Us.

6.2 Delete your personal information

You can delete the information yourself by logging into your account. In the following circumstances, you have the right to request YITU to delete your personal information and withdraw your authorized consent:
(1) The personal information was collected without your explicit consent;
(2) The personal information was processed in violation of laws or regulations;
(3) The personal information was used or processed in violation of the agreement between us;
(4) You stop using YITU's products (or services);
(5) YITU terminated services for you.

After you or YITU assist you to delete the relevant information, we may not be able to delete the corresponding information from the backup system immediately because of applicable laws and security technologies. YITU will securely retain your personal information and isolate it from any further processing until backup can be cleared or anonymized.

6.3 Amend Your Personal Information or Consent

When you find that the collected and retained personal information needs to be corrected, you have the right to request YITU to correct it. 
Each business function requires some basic personal information to be completed. You can correct the information or withdraw your consent at any time.

6.4 Respond to your above request

If you have any questions about the above rights or the information you need to access and download is not within the scope of the website, or you need to refuse certain specific data processing, you can contact our customer service. For details of our customer service, please refer to Chapter 8 How to Contact Us.

For security reasons, you may be required to provide a written request or prove your identity in other ways. We may ask you to verify your identity before processing your request. Your request will be responded within 30 days. We do not charge the service fee for reasonable request, but we will charge a certain fee for repeated requests that exceed the reasonable limit. We may reject a request that is not directly related to your identity, unreasonably repetitive, or that requires excessive technical measures (e.g. develop new system), cause risks to the legal rights of others, or very unrealistic.

In the following circumstances, we will not be able to respond to your requests in accordance with laws or regulations:
(1) related to national security and national defense security;
(2) related to public safety, public health, and vital public interest;
(3) related to the criminal investigation, prosecution, trial or execution of judgments;
(4) sufficient evidence showing you have subjective malice or abusing rights;
(5) responding to your request will result in serious damage to the legitimate right and interests of you or other individuals or organizations.
(6) involving trade secrets.

7. Update to Policy and Scope of Application

7.1 The enactment, effectiveness, interpretation, performance, jurisdiction, and dispute resolution of this Policy shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.

7.2 YITU reserves the right to update this Policy. If the amendment results in a substantial reduction of your rights under this Policy, YITU will send you an amendment notice via various channels, including website notice and email.

7.3 Should you disagree with the amendment, you are entitled to and shall immediately notify YITU to delete all of your information. Otherwise, it will be deemed as your acceptance of YITU's amendment of the terms of this Policy.

7.4 The right to interpret all terms in this Policy is vested in Shanghai Yitu Technology Co., Ltd.

8. How to Contact Us

Should you have any questions about this Policy, you can e-mail to or call at 400-858-2323. We will review your questions as soon as possible and reply within 30 days.


Latest update on April 23, 2020


Change Log

Update content of YITU website privacy policy v2.0

  1. Described the scope of information collection, collection methods, purposes of use, methods of use, which helps users understand the measures that YITU takes for the security of users' personal information more clearly;
  2. Updated on how to contact us and added customer service phone number;
  3. Listed the scenarios that sharing information with authorized partners;
  4. Specified details of minors' personal information.

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