Chicago, November 26, 2017 - As the leader in healthcare with AI technology and the only company in China with a full range of AI based medical solutions and products, YITU Tech attended the annual 2017 RSNA (Radiology Society of North America) meeting and has attracted worldwide medical field attention with a variety of artificial intelligence-assisted diagnostic products that have successfully integrated into the routines of clinicians in hospitals around China.

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 The president of RSNA Richard L.Ehman, MD  with Dr. Fang Cong, the Vice President of YITU Tech

The Emergence of China "AI"

"I did not expect China's artificial intelligence products to have this level of maturity in the field of medical radiology. Our products and solutions have a lot of room for improvement when comparing to what YITU Tech has to offer," said from a business executive of Sweden’s largest third-party imaging company about the development of artificial intelligence in China.

At this annual meeting of RSNA, YITU Tech introduced its Intelligent Healthcare with artificial intelligence products that cover both images and texts simultaneously including AICAREâ Assisted Diagnosis of Chest CT, AICAREâ Assisted Diagnosis of Bone Age, AICAREâ Assisted Diagnosis of Pediatric Clinic, AICAREâ Assisted Diagnosis of Ultrasonic, AICAREâ EMR Search Engine, and AICAREâClinical Research Platform. It attracted attention from doctors and manufacturers around the globe.

"Science has no boundaries and all good things should be shared to civilization around the world. YITU Tech’s AI innovation not only has changed the healthcare industry, but it has also changed the world's perception of China. “Made in China” is no longer synonymous with cheap and low quality, but rather a representation of technology innovation and productization prowess,” said Dr. Fang Cong, the Vice President of YITU Tech.

YITU Tech showcased its Medical Imaging Artificial Intelligence Research Platform that can accelerate the application of imaging research to the world's top scientific research institutions

The development of clinical research in the United States constantly faces obstacles including data insufficiency, long research cycles and tight funding. As a result, many U.S. experts, including RSNA Chairman Ehman, expressed strong interests in YITU Tech’s AI technology in the hope of deep cooperation and joint promotion of global medical reform. This is because that data integration from multiple medical departments with YITU Tech’s Medical AI Technology is a must step in the direction for AI healthcare products to move from the initial stage of replacing repetitive work" to the mid-stage of "assisting doctors in comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of patients”.

As a leader in the field of healthcare artificial intelligence, YITU Tech’s Medical Imaging Artificial Intelligence Research Platform along with the world's top AI medical expert’s collaboration would become the incubator for AI medical scientific research worldwide. "We are very much looking forward to combining the best of the Western world's efforts on AI Healthcare with the other side of the globe such as YITU Tech of China,” said Curtis P. Langlotz, RSNA Board Director, Professor of Radiology at Stanford University and Director of Medical Informatics.

YITU Tech’s released its global strategy on AI Healthcare, officially entered the international market

YITU Tech’s AI Healthcare products and solutions have already been used and deployed in hospitals around China. YITU Tech will expand and promote it globally to benefit more doctors and patients, especially in Asia where the background of human genetics is similar. At this event, YITU Tech has signed strategic cooperation agreements with hospitals and partners from Taiwan, South Korea and Japan to enable YITU Tech’s AI products to serve more people in these nations. In addition, according to the development plan of China's "One Belt One Road" initiative along with YITU Tech’s global strategic vision for AI, YITU Tech’s geographical focus will also include North America and the Middle East.

About YITU Technology

YITU Technology (YITU) is a pioneer in practical artificial intelligence (AI) research and innovation that provides advanced AI-based business solutions to build a safer, better and healthier world. YITU boasts a world-class R&D team that drives industrial development to find comprehensive solutions in the areas of machine vision, speech and language understanding.



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