Artificial Intelligence or AI is playing an increasingly important role in helping fight the pandemic. AI-equipped CT machines can help doctors better analyze the scan result and robots can help disinfect rooms and deliver meals. CGTN's Wu Lei visited two such companies and brings us more.

Doctors say most coronavirus patients had abnormal findings on their chest scans. One of the key points for these doctors is to evaluate the lungs infections from thousands of scans each day. While Dr. Zhang Minming believes AI-powered CT machine can offer more help.

ZHANG MINMING Radiology Dept. Director, The Second Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine "AI can help doctors detect something we can't see through our eyes. For example, it can detect these tiny nodules, they can also evaluate the cumulative volume and severity of the infection in detailed data."

Dr. Zhang believes more supporting data and first-hand experiences are needed to keep improving its performance. They are now working with two leading Chinese AI companies on the overall application. One is Yitu Technology, which is one of the first group of high tech companies to deploy their AI-enabled CT scan system in Hubei and other provinces in China.

SHI LEI Vice President of Healthcare, Yitu Technology "This system has 3 major features. It can quickly evaluate and diagnose the scan result, show precise detection of infections severity, and offer comparisons of treatment options. This will save doctors more time so that they can take better care of patients."

So far Yitu has cooperated with over 200 medical institutions across the world. Many of their products have been exported to a number of European countries, including Italy and Poland.

WU LEI Hangzhou "To improve efficiency and reduce labor costs, hospitals and other public places are likely to use more AI-powered products. Many Chinese high tech companies aim to seize the opportunities to expand their global market."

Gaussian Robotics is another leading manufacturer of autonomous robot cleaners, since the outbreak of coronavirus, they received more domestic and overseas orders.

QIN BAOXING Co-founder & CTO, Gaussian Robotics "Many hospitals have contacted us to place orders, hoping to disinfect and clean using robots. So far our robots have been sold to 20 countries with 300 kinds of applications."

Many companies say one of the major challenges is to maintain and upgrade the software for the growing number of smart machines. As China vows to keep improving its epidemic control and public health system, they believe more human talent will be needed to fulfill the huge potential of the new technology and meet the growing challenges. WL, CGTN, HZ.

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