YITU has announced a win in the ongoing NIST Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT), which the company says it the third time it has ranked first on the leaderboard.

The leading algorithm scored a false non-match rate of 0.004 in the VISA photos category at a false match rate of one in a million, and 0.001 for VISA photos at an FMR of one in ten thousand. The company submitted two algorithms for testing, one in June and one in October, and both ranked in the top 10 in three different categories. They also placed respectably in the Wild Images portion, placing them first and second on the overall leaderboard.

Since the previous test in June, YITU notes that 39 new algorithms have been added to the testing, including SenseTime.

YITU was also recently honored for its leadership in the field of AI at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC).

Camvi won the Wild Faces portion of the challenge, while Ever.ai achieved the highest score in the same category among U.S. companies, and has touted itself as the Western alternative to companies such as YITU, which is based in China.

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